The Academy

Delivering Creative Education Globally

The Academy Aims

  • to provide a platform for educators across the globe
  • engaged in delivering creative education using digital and online technologies
  • to meet, converse, learn and share as a community.

Our purpose is to offer professional learning opportunities, teaching resources and support to educators across the globe, no matter what discipline or what sector (formal education or community context) and no matter what role you are in.

We have online learning frameworks, services and support mechanisms which we’ve developed from our experience in producing online courses in the arts, design, humanities and creative technologies. We’re keen to share our knowledge with the global community of arts educators.

The latest initiative of the Academy is to offer an intensive online course providing professional development for creative educators: Renewing Learning Design through Creativity and Technology.

The course explores the application of the Technology Enabled Creative Learning [TECL] framework for online and multi-modal teaching. Conducted as a month-long sprint with experts from the fields of arts and design, you will create your own capstone project – an online course for delivery in the immediate future.

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Our Community

Building a global community of practice for creative educators

Kadenze, Inc. is recognised as a global leader in online creative education. And we are pleased to partner with renowned education and industry institutions. Click here for our partners.

We invite all creative educators from across the globe to participate in the Kadenze Academy activities to meet, converse, learn and share our expertise together. Click here for recent and upcoming events.

The Kadenze Blog is a communication hub to share the latest thinking on online teaching and learning in creative education.

Check out the latest thinking on our BLOG.

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Our Heritage

Arts Education & Technology

Kadenze has developed an instructional design learning framework called Technology Enabled Creative Learning [TECL].

From the very beginning, online learning design has principally focused on developing analytical and linear cognitive capabilities.

As we are told repeatedly, these capabilities are essential for learners to hold down a successful job and build a powerful economy. Overwhelmingly learning design has

engendered the cognitive operations of mind most commonly found in Mathematics, Chemistry, Language, Engineering and Business education.

This approach is underpinned by cognitive load theory which holds that for online instruction to be effective, care must be taken not to overload the mind’s capacity for

processing information. Consequently, designers become concerned with extraneous load, working memory, redundancy and concerns about temporal and spatial split attention. All to ensure that students never become cognitively overloaded.

TECL and arts-led learning frameworks encourage learners to stay with all their senses (not only their cognition). We acknowledge that many creative arts and design experiences are deliberately designed to stretch the limits of cognition; that not all cognitive overload is necessarily negative. In such cases cognitive overload does not result in a loss of meaning or intelligibility. Indeed, it can be understood as cognition in the making, where the very fabric of cognitive life is renewed as it struggles to make sense of experience.

Arts educators see productive possibilities for learning in the overload, not simply as events which inhibit and confuse.

Want more muscular beauty in your online learning design?

Technology Enabled Creative Learning

Desperately seeking a learning design framework that supports creativity?

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Find a framework specifically designed for creative education in Kadenze’s Technology Enabled Creative Learning [TECL]

  • expands the possibilities for online learning design. It is not that other learning design models are incorrect, most are certainly necessary, but alone they are not sufficient.
  • amplifies the experiential and stirs the imagination to engage in challenges of interpretation and judgement where understanding is not simply the mastery of technical skills and factual accuracy.
  • is a learning design applicable to all disciplines, but spawned by educators from music, dance, drama, film and media, the visual arts, design and the creative application of technology and computing power.
  • takes an alternative approach; preferring to draw on arts-led learning theory and how that might lead learning design for virtual spaces.

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We are keen to grow the network of educators who are interested in the future of learning design in a world of online and multi-modal classrooms and studios, where creative engagement with our learners is given priority.

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